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Where is Riley Strain? 22-Year-Old Student Vanishes After Bar Dismissal in Nashville

StoriesWhere is Riley Strain? 22-Year-Old Student Vanishes After Bar Dismissal in Nashville

A Missouri family is asking for assistance from the public after their 22-year-old son Riley Strain vanished on Friday, March 8 in Nashville.

After their son, 22-year-old Riley Strain, vanished in Nashville on Friday, March 8, a Missouri family is asking for assistance. After being ejected from Luke’s 32 Bridge, strain vanished. Over the weekend, he and his Delta Chi fraternity mates were in Music City for a fraternity convention.

When Strain’s companion realized the following day that he was not at their hotel, he informed Strain’s family. According to NewsNation, Ryan Gilbert, Strain’s father, said, “It’s your worst nightmare, really.”

The disappearance of Riley Strain

The University of Missouri student was cut off by the bartender at Luke Bryan’s establishment, 32 Bridge Food + Drink, according to Chris Whiteid, Strain’s stepfather, because he felt he had been overserved. His friend attempted to depart with Strain as the security crew led him out. He was, however, prohibited from leaving at that moment.

Strain was gone when the companion eventually made his way out. When Strain’s other friend called, he informed him over the phone that he was going back to his hotel room. When Strain’s phone rang 45 minutes later, Whiteid disclosed, he was 45 minutes away from the motel. Since then, no one has heard from him.

Strain made a Facetime call to his mother, Michelle Whiteid, a few hours before he vanished. Michelle Whiteid said to NewsNation’s Markie Martin on “Morning in America,” “He and his buddy were having a good time and he just wanted to show me that he was having a good time.”

According to the Metro Nashville Police Department (MNPD), they searched jails and hospitals and found no evidence of strain.

Police release video

On Tuesday, March 12, police made public a video of Strain that was taken in downtown Nashville the evening before he disappeared. He appeared to stumble close to Church Street on the night of his disappearance, according to a second video that the Downtown Smoke & Vape Shop recorded.

We’re looking for Strain right now. Luke’s 32 Bridge’s operator and owner, TC Restaurant Group, says that it is closely collaborating with the Metro Nashville Police Department to provide security camera footage and any other relevant information. According to WSMV4, the group expressed their “thoughts and prayers for his safe return” to his family and loved ones.


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