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Who Is Adele Dazeem? Find Out As Idina Menzel Celebrates 10 Years Of John Travolta’s Hilarious Oscars Flub

EntertainmentWho Is Adele Dazeem? Find Out As Idina Menzel Celebrates 10 Years Of John Travolta’s Hilarious Oscars Flub

Thinking back to John Travolta’s iconic 2014 Oscars gaffe, Idina Menzel celebrated in a playful way, wishing her a happy birthday and belting out “Happy Birthday” to her quirky self.

Idina Menzel and John Travolta together at the 2015 Oscars (Getty Images)

Adele Dazeem’s tenth birthday is being celebrated by Idina Menzel!

The Rent actress said, “I just want to say happy birthday,” in a TikTok video that she uploaded on Saturday, March 2. “I hope you have the best day ever, I’m sending you so much love and positive energy,” she continued.

However, what? Adele Dazeem is who? Never heard of her prior to now? That’s because Idina and Adele are the same person. Actually, Idina Menzel’s ten-year-old alter ego, Adele, is actually her. Learn more about this intriguing tale by reading on.

Who is Adele Dazeem? Idina Menzel pokes fun at John Travolta 10 years after he memorably flubbed her name 

When Menzel, the voice of Disney’s Elsa, performed Let It Go at the 2014 Academy Awards, Travolta, then 70, mispronounced her name.

“There will always be a special place in my heart for the movie musical and for the songs that create their most memorable moments,” said Travolta as she invited Menzel to the stage to begin her performance.

He went on, “Please welcome the wickedly gifted, one and only, Adele Dazeem [she meant to say Idina Menzel] as she performs the gloriously empowering song Let It Go, which is nominated for an Oscar and won the Oscar for best animated film.

This is the somewhat unusual birthdate of Adele Dazeem, whom Idina has since affectionately referred to as her “alter ego,” and who she sang Happy Birthday to on Saturday in the previously mentioned TikTok video.

The aftermath of John Travolta’s Oscars Blunder 

The year after his Oscar mishap, Travolta said on Jimmy Kimmel Live! in 2015 that he was sidetracked by Goldie Hawn and made the humorous error.

But Idina genuinely concurs that this is “the wonderful news,” saying that she’s had one of the best years of her life and career. She also gives me recognition! He concluded by telling the tale. The Academy extended an invitation to Menzel and Travolta to co-present an Oscar that year.


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