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Kansas GOP Voter Restriction Bill Foiled Amidst Rise of Mike Lindell-Style Conspiracy Theories

PoliticsKansas GOP Voter Restriction Bill Foiled Amidst Rise of Mike Lindell-Style Conspiracy Theories

A bill that the Kansas Republican Party intended to adopt to shorten the time voters have to return mail-in ballots is exploding because of a pervasive belief in conspiracy theories concerning voting machines like to those of Mike Lindell.

The bill in dispute, according to ABC News, would have required that all ballots be returned by the time polls close on election day, ending the three-day grace period for voters to submit their mail-in ballots to election offices.

Hardline Republicans in the Kansas state senate insisted on attaching measures that forbade remote drop boxes and prohibited election officials from using computers to count ballots, even though the proposal itself had a decent chance of becoming law.

The report points out that since the 2020 presidential election, when Trump-lover Mike Lindell and lawyer Sidney Powell began disseminating fake stories about Dominion Voting Systems using machines to steal the election from Trump, there has been a proliferation of false conspiracy theories regarding vote-counting machines among Republicans.

The president of the Kansas Senate, Ty Masterson, attacked the bill’s changes, claiming they would virtually guarantee its failure.

He declared, “This vote isn’t going to secure our election.” “It will surround the underlying bill with an anchor.” The head of the Republican Elections Committee, Rep. Pat Proctor, voiced similar concerns regarding the new legislation.

“Kansans who aren’t deeply involved in politics don’t see any problems with voting machines, and to be honest, neither do I,” the speaker stated.


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